What will the church plant be like in its teaching?

We believe some things are foundational to being a Christian Church and are part of the common core of all faithful churches. We want the following to be fundamental to our life together:

Bible teaching

The Bible is the clear, reliable and authoritative word of God in human words. It tells us who God is, what he is done, how we can be saved and how we should live. So the faithful, clear, applied teaching of the Bible will be foundational to our gathering together as church, and our discipleship of one another.

A focus on Christ and his cross

Jesus, and him crucified, is the focus of our church life, and it is Jesus and his cross that recalibrates our reality. Jesus is God come as a man, our Lord and Saviour, the full revelation of God and the only mediator between God and men. Only by his death on the cross can we be forgiven by God and given eternal life. While we can never exhaustively understand the cross, a true understanding of the cross includes seeing that Jesus died for my sins, in my place, taking the punishment and wrath of God that I deserved.

Gospel proclaiming

The gospel is good news for everyone because everyone is condemned to hell without it, and because everyone who trusts it will be saved for eternity. It is fantastic news of a gracious God calling out to weak and wicked people, and offering them forgiveness and new life with him forever, paid for by Jesus on the cross. We will be an unashamed gospel proclaiming church, seeking to reach everyone we can with this good news.

Spirit dependent

Without the Spirit of God we are helpless. We can neither receive Jesus, live for Jesus, nor proclaim Jesus without the Spirit’s work. As we venture out to start a new church, we know that unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Our conviction that we are dependent on the Spirit’s work leads us to pray.

You can see some more of what we believe in the ‘Statement of Faith’ section on the Grace Church Cambridge website.